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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

An Interesting Ending

I've just watched the last episode of season one of "House" the excellent medical drama on Network Ten. I've enjoyed the season very much.

Of course, everyone and their dog is talking about Hugh Laurie and how good a performance he gives as the show's eponymous lead character and this is justified. I'd previously known Lauri only for his comedey work, watching him do drama has been quite change. Comparing Laurie's portrayal of Dr. House to the foppish George of the Blackadder shows, it's almost impossible to believe they are played by the same man. However, I think the focus on Laurie undersells the rest of the cast, all of whom do a great job. I have a particular soft-spot for the lovely Jenifer Morrison who play's House's side-kick Dr. Allison Cameron. I think Morrison has done a great job bringing out the sensitivity, vulnerabilty and beautiful optimism of her character, I've been a House/Cameron 'shipper (ie someone who wants those two characters to get together) since episode one and I've enjoyed watching their friendship grow throughout the season. Cameron seems to have given up on the possibility of her and House, but I remain the eternal optimist.

The final episode brought things to a nice conclusion, setting things up nicely for the show to go a somewhat different direction next season. The surprise return of House's old flame (whom House is clearly not over) and her appearently coming on board as a continuing character should mean lots of fun for fans in the year to come.