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Rum , Rome and Royalism

I would much rather belong to a church five centuries behind the times and majestically indifferent to the fact than to a church five minutes behind the times, frantically running to catch up.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Posting Again

Ok, I've been a bad boy and havn't posted in ages, I'm erratic and all of that.

One thing I wanted to comment on. Appearantly there was a contest where a whole lot of awards were given out for female Christian bloggers. Appearently, one of the awards was given to a blog entitled "Daring Young Mom." Now thing about DYM is that she is appearantly a Mormon. Marla Swoffer posting at "Always Thirsty" put up this post in which she pointed out that Mormons are not Christians. She went on to suggest that the giving of an award intended for a Christian to a Mormon was an example of the low level of discernment practiced in most Christian churches these days.

The response, was sadly predictable, while some complimented Ms. Swoffer, she was given the standard accusations of being "unloving" and of attacking DYM. Actually, as she made clear in several subsequent posts, she was in intending to attack DYM, she was intending to criticise the lack of discernment practiced by Christians. The fact is, she's right. These days, anyone whocalls himself a Christian will be accepted as one, regardless of whether they actually believe anything that resembles historic Christianity. Daring Young Mom's response was priceless, "don;t say nasty things about my beliefes, it makes me cry". As if the Mormon church dosn't say heaps of unpleasant things about other churches. What was that in Joseph Smith's alledged vision about God saying that all the churches and the creeds are abominations.

The basic problem with the church today is a misguided idea about love. We hear the commands to love others repated ad nauseam and taken out of context, and appearenttly saying that other beliefes are false has been labled "unloving". But St. John, known as the Apostle of Love, was very clear on this. His command to Christians in dealing with gnostics was to have nothing to do with them, don't so much as sit down to a meal with them. But this is not a scripture text the modern church likes to talk about.